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Literature Awards:
Mom’s Choice Awards® Gold Recipient (2022)
Family Choice Award™ Gold Medal (2022)
Purple Dragonfly Book Award Honorable Mention (2022)
Reader's Favorite 5-Star Review (2022)
Firebird Book Award First Place Winner (2022)

"Rosie the Farm Truck has been named among the best in family-friendly media, products and services." - Mom’s Choice Awards

"Scudder awakened my imagination by creating living characters out of everything in the environment." - Readers' Favorite Book Awards

Rosie and her friends are called to help a group of reindeer stranded in Le Grand County on the eve of a winter blizzard. Rosie is presented with a challenge that she is not sure she can accomplish on her own. Through teamwork, trust and tenacity, Rosie and her friends accomplish their mission while discovering their own inner strengths. And little do they know that their new friends are on an important mission of their own!

Beautifully illustrated in hand-painted watercolors, see Rosie and her friends come to life through the eyes of your younger ones.

Originally written for children ages 3-9 years but appealing to 'tweens and teens, this classic story of love, patience, kindness, and tenacity will warm hearts of all ages.

Reviewed by Jennifer Ibiam for Readers' Favorite® - April 7, 2022

Eight inches of snow fell on the Callahan Farm overnight. Rosie the truck wanted to play with her friends in it. Unfortunately, they expected a storm the following night, and Farmer Jack enlisted the help of everyone to prepare for it. Rosie wasn’t happy, but she helped. Later, while they were playing, Mayor Hope sent for Rosie to help bring in four reindeer trapped on a stranded train. The reindeer were on an urgent mission but couldn’t brave the incoming storm. If the mission failed, many children would be sad. Would Rosie agree to help get the reindeer out of danger to a shelter? Would the storm stop the reindeer from their task? Find out in Rosie the Farm Truck by Victoria Scudder, illustrated by Kam Bayo.

Rosie the Farm Truck by Victoria Scudder is a perfect Christmas children’s story. However, the lessons in this picture book remain evergreen. It is a tale of kindness, teamwork, love, resourcefulness, courage, and healthy doses of confidence. I loved the beautiful illustrations and attractive choice of colors by Kam Bayo. The simple grammar and punchy sentences were catchy and easy to understand. Scudder awakened my imagination by creating living characters out of everything in the environment which I’m sure will excite children. Above all, this book reminds us never to second guess ourselves, as Rosie did. We must opt for a circle of people who would do everything to help us succeed, as we can only receive the energy we give. When we show up for people in difficult situations, we unlock another level of our own strength and uniqueness.

Rosie the Farm Truck (Paperback)

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