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Summer Reading: Indie Picture Books We Love!

Updated: Jun 17, 2023

Mom, Dad, Read It Again! - Summer Reading Picture Books To Entertain Your Tiny Tornadoes

Let's face it, corralling our pint-sized whirlwinds to sit still for more than a minute to instill a love for reading is about as easy as herding cats. As the season of ice-cream stains and backyard exploits beckons, our mission, should we choose to accept it, is to keep their noses in books during their summer vacation. So, buckle up, brave parents! I’m here to equip you with Indie’s hottest children's books of 2023 and the James Bond-level tactics to coax... I mean... encourage your kids to read.

Favorite Children's Picture Books for 2023: The Big Kahuna of Indie Kid Lit

This year, we've been spoiled with a treasure trove of children's books that have more pull than a playground on a sunny day. Consider adding Rosie the Farm Truck Meets Little Red (shameless plug: it's my book!), a sweet story of friendship, trials, and steadfast loyalty, and Later, Said Gator, a humorous story about ADHD and procrastination. You could also dive into This Book is Perfect, an interactive read-aloud that will have your kids in stitches, and Chasing the Sun, where your child will visit the Hawaiian island of Oahu while snug in bed. Remember, diversify their book menu with age-appropriate titles that pique their interests. It's like sneaking vegetables into their dinner, but far more enjoyable.

Summer Reading Lists for Kids: The 'All-You-Can-Read' Book Buffet

Summer reading lists, oh, the joy they bring! It's like compiling a wish list for Santa, but instead of toys, you're piling up an eclectic array of books! These lists provide a refreshing blend of new releases, timeless classics, and under-the-radar masterpieces that span a variety of themes and genres. Be sure to check out Wonderful, Marvelous, Magnificent You, a wholesome little board book focusing on inclusion and diversity and I Am Me Unique and Free, and beautifully illustrated story that promotes a positive self-image. Or maybe your child prefers stories of swashbuckling pirates like in Adventures with Darian. Perhaps you have a nature lover that would enjoy exploring with Maggie and the Magnifying Glass. So, whether your little one is a fantasy fanatic, an animal aficionado, or a humor hunter, there's a book or ten for them!

Children's Book Clubs: The Social Butterflies of the Literary World

Think of children's book clubs as your kid's social media platform, but with more intellectual sparkle. These clubs create a jovial environment where kids can share their insights and hear others' opinions about the same book. It's like the debate club, but way cooler. Older elementary kids may enjoy discussing the achievements of Women in STEM, a rhyming book filled with positive affirmations, or finding inspiration in the Young Change Maker series about children making a difference. There's nothing like a confidence booster when they learn cool new things together! For more non-fiction, check out Jack’s Garage: Tire Maintenance for Kids for an extra special challenge!

Summer Reading Challenges and Goals: The Video Game Version of Reading

Setting summer reading goals and challenges is akin to crafting an enticing treasure hunt, where every book is a glittering piece of eight. Goals like "read a book a week" and challenges such as "read a book about animals" can provide a sense of achievement akin to vanquishing the final video game boss. For your animal-loving kiddos, take a peek at Little Lovable Lucy's Big Day about a pup who finds her forever home, Finley the Flamingo's Farm Adventure, a fur-baby adventure with My Very First Friend, or sweet cat Alastair McAllister, who's starting his first day of kittygarten. Consider integrating a reward system - perhaps a gold star for every book finished or a special treat for completing a series. Let's just call it "motivational encouragement."

How to Encourage Kids to Read: Not All Heroes Wear Capes

Persuading kids to read often requires the strategic genius of a superhero. It demands a dash of patience, a dollop of creativity, and an uncanny knack for understanding what tickles your child's fancy. Here are some super-powered strategies:

  • Model Reading Behavior: As we know, kids are like sponges. Soak them in the sight of you, lost in a riveting book (though if you're reading something by Lucy Score, you might want to keep the spicy contents to yourself!).

  • Create a Reading Nook: Picture a comfy little corner filled with their favorite books, the fluffiest cushions, and maybe a secret password or handshake to enter. A reading fortress of solitude - what child could resist?

  • Discuss Books: Make books the hot topic at your dinner table. Which character would they invite to their birthday party? Would it be Bentley Hippo, who inspires children to share? Or would it be Mo and Bongo as they start school at Huckleberry Academy? Perhaps John would be willing to share his favorite stories in John's Adventures at Yellowstone Park. If they could change the endings, what would they be? Discussions like these keep their thinking caps on and elevate their reading experience.

Books to Improve Learning Skills for Kids: A Reading Gym for Your Budding Bibliophile

There's an abundance of children's books designed to stretch and flex their reading muscles. Series like Sweet Baby are akin to a personal trainer for your early reader, using simple sentences and repetition to break a mental sweat. Or consider Monster Counting Activity Book for practicing number counting and writing within the framework of puzzles and coloring. An all-time favorite is Wild About the Alphabet, which is so much more with its unique twist on fun animal facts. They're not just books - they're brain-building tools camouflaged as captivating stories.

Summer Reads 2023 and Summer Reading Books for Kids: A Literary Summer Fiesta

As we leap into summer 2023, we're armed with an array of enticing and educational books that could lure even the most stubborn book dodger into submission. From Sonny Vibes Summer, a nostalgic summer book perfect for hot days, to A Day at the Beach with Jasper and Friends, a charming rabbit tale that will whisk your little ones off on a beach adventure. So, fellow brave souls, let us embark on this summer reading journey together. With these tantalizing books and tried-and-true strategies, our pint-sized proteges will be begging for just one more chapter before the ice cream truck jingle fades away.

Indie Books I Love:

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